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I'm not

I'm not Graphic Designer. I'm Graphic Arts Consultor



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The PQT Cult

The PQT Cult, old and mystical secta of adoration, the group still is alive even under the classic sentence
"Hope the music plays forever" ~Pet Shop Boys (all right).
Years and years ainda ha galera que nao vai deixar o PQT Cult.
Why do they want a lost weekend in Roswell GA ? Rummors just.

traveling visit explore is good here 

10 deviants said Paris, all is said: Paris.
5 deviants said Gotta go to Praga - Czech Republic !
3 deviants said Munich - definitiff, for sure
3 deviants said mmm Croatia, !
3 deviants said Bulgaria: excellent choice.

24 inmortal

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I quote to the legendary and so old Wennebago Man, the man who features  advertising for the Winnebago Trucks, he says: "these people is smart, they understand and have interesting opinions and conversations.
I don't understand why they watch stupid videos like these" ~Jack Rebney (the Wennebago Man)

Years ago, the Wennebago campaign advertising is found in YouTube. A group of  video enthuisiasts made an special production about the "behind the scenes" of Winnebago Truck, where the host Jack Rebney (the Winnebago Man) is a rude and strange vulgar man behind the cameras, but in their work and public image advertising the trucks he looks alike a nice and friendly man.

 The video production covers the behind the scenes of "Winnebago Trucks" and the new Jack Rebney, reitired and really hard to convice talk about his life, he was invited to the show to watch the production about himself, so much audience laughing, getting fun and with joy, and after the whow he was surprised, how smart and interesting people watch stupid videos and get fun with some kind of videos. And now today, a lot of people get fun with stupid and silly videos, they name it "entertainment".


.arround the Worldwider

Enshroud II by niteangel

enshroud by niteangel

Montmartre II by mclaranium

montmartre by mclaranium

Prometha2 by kon

prometha by kon

a Coast Guard by Zai91

Coast Guard by Zai91

1401 by Haifona

1401 by Haifona

Almacenes Rivas by Iopichio

Almacenes Rivas by Iopichio

.iF it is




.deviantART membaa


[ non ho niente da insegnarti, ti parlo come se parlassi a me  ho solo fatto un'altra strada ma sono arrivato qui come te  che devi lottare ogni giorno per migliorare te stesso per avere il coraggio  di vederti riflesso...

di guardarti allo specchio a volte ti sembra di sostenere il cielo
e che sotto quel peso non ci sia nessuno  ma guarda fuori  c'e' un mondo bellissimo  e' tutto giusto  e' tutto sbagliato  abbiamo tutti una ragione
ma non siamo mai soli se non lo vogliamo  e siamo piu' uguali di quanto sembriamo  ora dammi la tua mano...

let's play to kill violence be the change and give the world a better chance  

we forget that shit turns into flowers we forget that wood turns into violins
(io sono te) couldn't we just play and forget the sorrow you don't need to beat your fellow man hollow
all i know is life's something you borrow

throw yourself into the flow i will follow
quando aspetti che piova per piangere
i just want you to play

quando hai fatto gia' tutto il possibile
tell me how do you play... (io sono te)
baby say that we can.









 just for share

 Proverbios 16:1







mclaranium's Profile Picture
Studied in a public, prestiged and famous (dissapeared) college of Graphic Arts in Mexico City. So much years in the internet browsing, in dA viewing and reviewing critique opinion comments woot!.
Living in danger since 1990 with a MegaBoom SuperBass as heartbeat.

Youtube, FaceB, Formsrping: jamdvx


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mclaranium Featured By Owner 8 hours ago
:iconcutedivider1: :iconcutedivider2: :iconcutedivider3:
maybe God will appear front to you and you don't notice it, maybe God will be beside you and you don't realize it!
so now what?

mclaranium Featured By Owner 4 days ago
:wave: legendary
ZirTuan Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Hobbyist Photographer
Yes, I remember the shoutbox. :)
mclaranium Featured By Owner Edited Jan 20, 2015
I feel we are almost (almost) tuning the same frequency but still with a lot of interference.

You mentioned "intolerant people",
then why to draw or write things that make them be bother?
Let's suppose there are intolerant, so religious or very fanatic fundamentalist people, and they consider a blasphemy to draw about their council or church leader.... or prophet. Why do you play the role when you know it will bother or get angry to these radical people? iF you know how the intolerant people is, iF you know there are so sentimentaloid people, iF you know there are terrorists so crazy, the minimal you can do is  don't play poker with the devil. 

Freedom of speech is not freedom to mock or joke. Your freedom ends when the rights of other start, and I suppose the others have the right to be respected in they beliefs. 

I live in a country full of radical fundamentalist "guadalupanos" (virgen de guadalupe), Guadalupe even supposed a female name, but even guys are named so, I know a Mrs.  with three daughters Vero Guadalupe, Caro Guadalupe, Janeth Guadalupe. ... there are commereces named "La Guadalupana", even a district is named so, there are farms named so, products too. Each december 12 is the similar like the trip to Mecca for muslims. Here the guadalupanos fill the Guadalupe Village Cathedral,
can you imagine the problem when some news papers or publications have done some mockery about Guadalupe?,
can you imagine the problem iF I or some local publications under the false, ridiculous and hypocrite mascarade "freedom of speech" publish a drawing of Guadalupe naked?
it happened, the author could said: "it's art, it's freedom, it's not pornography, it's just my point of view of art, I'm not religious",  :pointl: does it give him the right to do that? iF you know how mexican guadalupanos are, why to play with their belief?, I can be in Emirates, or Beijing, and draw a naked guadalupana, it's my freedom, but I could not control who is tolerant or not, that's out of my reach, then to prevent someone get sad or angry, I don't play to the "freedom". It was a very big scandal, in the news and media everywhere everybody was crazy talking about "the big blasphemy". 

do the freedom of speech gives me the right to draw or write something about guadalupana or Muhammad?, to me or to you it is not blasphemy, but I insist: there are people intolerant, there are people sensitive sensible, why do I got to mock or joke and saying "it's my freedom", freedom does not give the right to insult them. do you think a mexican guadalupano would "fight or even  die " to defend my freedom of mock and joke ?

Some cultures naked body is not strange, but some people named it "pornography", and some other consider pornography as a crime.

Some cultures blasphemy does not exist, but some people named it "offense", and some other people considers it as  a crime.

Rare and odd example (just imagination) :
A local newspaper (machetearte is one) draw something about guadalupana, the topic: "mexican Gov the real corruption, but Guadalupe saves us".

Publishing something so like that here in MEX, you know it would be a very big problem, at least a molotov bomb would arrive in the publisher's office, 
even the guy in the street selling the item would end at hospital. I can publish it from or in other country, why in other country?, just because in MEX I could not?, then that's no freedom, that's being coward because I know in other country I can, then that's no real freedom, that's just a big shit of lie named "disguise of freedom". Real and truth freedom is that: FREEDOM to be here, there or anywhere without care iF someone is angry against me, real FREEDOM is supported for everyone, everybody everywhere, 'cause it is based in respect and tolerance, adding constructivism.

to me, this is constructivist, tolerance and peaceful:

 Peaceful loving brothers by Nayzak

This is real freedom of speech, 'cause this does not offend or at least does not ridiculezee some others. And this could be agreed and unite some others, not everyone but I think majorities.

mclaranium Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2015
quante scuse ho inventato (io) pur di fare sempre a modo mio, evitare così una storia importante non volevo così
ritrovarmi già grande... 
quanta gente ho incontrato io quante storie quante compagnie ma ora voglio di più una  (essa?)  storia importante
quello che sei tu, forse sei tu... !
fermati un istante parla chiaro come non hai fatto mai,  dimmi un po' chi sei
non riesco a liberarmi questa vita mi disturba sai 
come ti vorrei (quanto ti vorrei)
apro le mie mani per riceverti, ma un pensiero mi porta via
mentre te le chiudi per difenderti (la tua paura è anche un po' la mia)
forse noi dobbiamo ancora crescere ... forse è un alibi una bugia
se ti cerco ti nascondi poi ritorni...
fermati un istante parla chiaro metti gli occhi dentro ai miei. come ti vorrei, non riesco a liberarmi questa vita mi disturba sai (come ti vorrei, quanto)

mclaranium Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2015
"this blessing, this treasure and salvation and prizes from God aren't just a heavenly grace to you, the glory goes beyond, to your family, your friends, your neighbors, your mates, it must be so, and you are in charge to contribute to it."
d not as near to you, even more: the blessing will reach beyond your present.

mclaranium Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2015
إن شاء الله

mclaranium Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2015
Don't think you are the only one receiving the blessing of God !, yes it is for you but in benefit to those near and not as near to you, even more: the blessing will reach beyond your present.

mclaranium Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2015
(I can't wait to see your super powers don't stop, baby)
hold on tight to this roller coaster ride and iF you're loving this just give me one more kiss
'cause you ain't seen nothing yet

:bestbuddies: :iconbummy3::iconbummy2::iconbummy1:
mclaranium Featured By Owner Edited Dec 30, 2014
Stupid People and Stupid Ignorant Kids playing to the Femoral Anteversion

Do you know how much children would like receive therapy to fix their foot defects?
So much parents with their children right know take the therapy.

Enfermedad de Blount
Pie equino
Femoral Anteversion

Keep On taking pictures with your foot like that way

just one example of a patient (short text in a blog)…

To don't Respect, please take photos or make drawings (named ART) like:


mclaranium Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2014
Move your hand to the sky, receive the God's hand and feel the power and grace that you have deserved, its just you trust, agree, accept... join to the heavenly blessings with Jesus Christ.
mclaranium Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2014
"Si quieres creer que hasta en el mínimo detalle que pasa por tu vida está presente Dios, créelo, llegarías a comprobarlo, a vivirlo y a disfrutarlo"

mclaranium Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2014
You got to believe this:  everything that happens in your life is to you be better, for your upgrade thanks to God. Mistakes or wrong issues may be your fault, but God never fails, he does everything good to you be fine and better, and this is just the beginning to you spread the Holy Word.

mclaranium Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2014
"Dios te dio la ayuda, te ha mostrado su maravilla en tu vida, te ha dado ya un gran regalo y  más está por llegar. Manteneos firmes, constantes, lucha por ello, lucha por mantenerlo, todo es para un buen comienzo. "

mclaranium Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2014
"you don't have to understand the God's ways, don't worry about the how or when, just trust that you're with God and he will do and give you the best even in the most strange and non visible ways, but trust, it's God with you"
mclaranium Featured By Owner Edited Dec 14, 2014
"each and everyday its your challenge and prize, the good of this is Christ guides you, don't give up, even you may find joy in the next challenge to level up your knowledge and the prize will surprise you"  -Jorge M.

El Señor es mi Pastor; nada me faltará.
En lugares de delicados pastos me hará descansar;
 junto a aguas de reposo me pastoreará.

Confortará mi alma; me guiará por sendas 
de justicia por amor de su nombre.

Aunque ande en valle de sombra de muerte,
no temeré mal alguno, porque Tú estarás conmigo;
 tu vara y tu cayado me infundirán aliento.

Aderezas mesa delante de mí en presencia
de mis angustiadores; unges mi cabeza con
aceite; mi copa está rebosando.

Ciertamente el bien y la misericordia me
seguirán todos los días de mi vida, y en la
casa del Señor moraré por largos días

Salmo 23

mclaranium Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2014
"when you pray, when you ask, maybe the answer will come in a kind of feeling to follow some instruction, hold on, keep it, do it, and trust, and get inspiration and strength in the holy words of Christ" ~Jorge M.
mclaranium Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2014
"Persistencia en lo que decidiste hacer. Sucederán las grandezas como le sucedieron a Ana, despierta al valiente en tí, estarás confiado, Dios respalda lo que ha despertado en ese valiente." ~Felsy Jones
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