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I'm not

I'm not Graphic Designer. I'm Graphic Arts Consultor



:iconcrays: :iconevcfenix: :iconhaifona: :iconniteangel: :iconwildcherry84:


is she?


Sem medo de ser feliz
Se alguém tenta te levar na carona de um sonho
Fugir não é solução grita alto, sempre diga não
Ah! Ah! É hora de pensar
Ah! Ah! É onda e já vai passar

Se você tá na contra-mão ou num beco sem saída
Drogas não vão melhorar não despreze sua vida assim
Ah! Ah! É hora de pensar
Ah! Ah! A nuvem já vai passar

A chance de voltar,
poder sorrir e viver sem medo de ser feliz

Agora pare! enquanto é tempo,
uma vida não é só momento, não

Pare!, Você vai ser feliz!. Pare!, Pare pra viver!,
Pare!, Não toque nisso!
Pare! Tô fora!, Pare!, Só depende de você!, Pare!,
Pare de fugir!, Pare!, Vem cantar, vem sorrir!,
Pare! Sem medo de ser feliz!


The PQT Cult

The PQT Cult, old and mystical secta of adoration, the group still is alive even under the classic sentence
"Hope the music plays forever" ~Pet Shop Boys (all right).
Years and years ainda ha galera que nao vai deixar o PQT Cult.
Why do they have an address (secret address) in Roswell GA ? Rummors just.


Vive un Nuevo Dia

Journal Entry: Fri Sep 19, 2014, 12:22 PM
  • Mood: Anger
  • Listening to: Music Techno and Christian Messages
  • Reading: Bible
  • Watching: TV
  • Eating: pizza, hot dog, tacos.
  • Drinking: lemonades with soda, coke, water





ask whatever thing guaranteed whatever me (we) will try our best in reply!


"these people is smart, they understand and have interesting opinions and conversations.

I don't understand why they watch stupid videos like these"

~Jack Rebney
(the Wennebago Man)


.arround the Worldwider

Enshroud II by niteangel

enshroud by niteangel

Montmartre II by mclaranium

montmartre by mclaranium

Prometha2 by kon

prometha by kon

a Coast Guard by Zai91

Coast Guard by Zai91

1401 by Haifona

1401 by Haifona

Almacenes Rivas by Iopichio

Almacenes Rivas by Iopichio

.iF it is


.deviantART membaa


:bulletblue: MARA, :pointl:  Thank You for your testimonials :bulletpink: , thank you for your words, thank you for share your heavenly experience with God. Thank You, God Bless you. I'm very glad and I'm so happy (and ya know tears deceive beyond our words... ) I'm so very happy knowing there are more people who KNOWS THE REAL WORLD, THE OTHER PLANET. :bulletpink: That was (and yet it is) something so special,

I was so very "in flames of happiness" with the power of God and Holy Spirit with the presence of Jesus Crhist when you agreed "you knew the other planet". There are some people like __________ who does not believe, she considers "impossible the restauration", rejects the idea of this "other real planet", a girl who loves this world, living in this world, because she is from this world. she does not believe with the spirit, she believes "with her brain".   Now with your testimonial, I confirm one more time with one more person (you), REALITY IS OUT THERE. Yo no dudo de lo que se que es cierto, porque ya lo conozco, portuq tú ya lo conoces, y mis amigos, mis colegas también.  

Thank you again MARA, and of course: Thanks  to God, Heavenly Father, improving, healing, restoring and show the truth. :party:




:bulletblue: Help and Support by:

Maybe you are being tested right now. Who knows?. Never stop praying. That is the most powerful weapon that you have. You are doing things right. I know. It's hard.

When you make the decision to believe that God will heal your friend, satan will come along. Every time you walk with God and obey Him, satan will always come along to derail you. He'll try to tell you that your friend won't be saved, or that your prayers won't be answered or that God's not moving at all. He'll use subtle methods to try to get you to stop praying. Ask God to reveal to you what you need to do, where you need to go, and ask for the strength to be able to do it. Keep your heart open for God's instruction. There are five things to do: pray without ceasing (1 Thessalonians 5:17), never give up hope, fight the Enemy with unshakable faith, listen for God's voice and do what He commands.

[...] but stay strong, and do what you feel.

Thank You to you all
for your support, for your reply, for your time. We are here and there. onLine or in this virtual comuna, again thank you. let's keep it up let's goin rollin !

:bulletpink: :bulletpink:

the point of reunion, start, converge, talk about, and excellent "magic" in this world. that's what we are.

eterna Ori, aquí estamos.
thank you for your time and support, 'cause you are elite gUrL

mi amoL !
all is said, and I will keep the secret about your real name.

God is with us, we know it. My friend, my lovely friend, so serious, smart, glamourous, peaceful, pretty, árabe de Arabia.



"when some people (specially a married woman)  says "a couple boyfriend-girlfriend is not so important", when those people says "that's just something else, not so serious you can break and go and come and no matters.... "  where the fucking shit is the seriousness in life then? to me, a relationship is serious since begin, serious and important as my own life, "because the relationship boyfriend-girlfriend is what precedes the marriage, the gurl-boyfend relationship and the marriage aren't disposable throwaway !!!  

Whatever crisis must be to front it, fix, heal, improve, "because its supposed important in your life and you try to save the ship boat! " but only the sick mind (ignorant old and human minded) would disagree and search for comfort, strength and determination to make you rise above the odds, 'cause you love: with or without feeling or emotion, real love is the compromise to show, to make and express, love is all these things around of behavior, compromise, dedication, interest, love is even the storm in the middle of your peace but you trust, " I don't believe in separation, I believe in union, I don't believe in sickness, I believe in health, I don't believe in a human possibilities, I believe in a God making everything possible",  

 and kicks the knee when I hear (heard)  "this is impossible", talking about a relationship without drugs, vicious, hits harming, insults or psychological manipulation lies to control.

  amazing when other people trust in you, amazing and nice when they admire to you and express excellent comments meaning about you like worth and value person.

 Sad when you know about human behavior and social psychological issues 'cause you discover how lost is some people, more sad when you discover how sick is these important person to you. You can repeat literally words from people of prestige, words written in famous books, you can say biblical texts and just receive a disbelieve reaction with this sentence: "just because you say it?." Fatal mistake when you think these person is with you, fatal error when you over trust, over estimate . . .

I thought this gurl was my girlfriend, my mate, the help in my life, the one to push me to change and improve because "its not good the man be alone" , but I never thought she was just living and a Cinderella Tale where real life does not exist. I (me and others)  knew the real life, the world outside this world, as posted in TESTIMONIALS here in this journal.   I knew the extraterrestrial life, but some people never accepts reality. Some people admires me so true, even some people who knows my close because daily is around me as friends or family. some other people started to trust in me (started just), even when they know me just for a few time amount...[...]   some people have not seen nothing yet . . . and maybe never, they lose it. I don't play to the happy family appearance, i live the real sad true, is it so bad wrong? (and so with the knowledge about the sad and real truth, we can enjoy the virtual world where the humans life).



thank you Heavenly Father for my loved :bulletpurple:Brenda:bulletpurple:, your daughter, your creation, your property, your royal girl from you, the so hard and high level test from heaven in my life, its a blessing to effort on it, a real honor to be tested and demanded by you: God, with the guidance of Jesus Christ.



Dios Padre eterno, en nombre de Cristo Jesús, te pido me mantengas fiel, ayúdame dándome arrepentimiento, dáme confianza y utilizame para lo que tu impongas, para lo que tu convengas y mandes para cumplimiento de tu voluntad. Salud a mi madre os pido, salud y bienestar al papá de Brenda, utiliza mi voz y mis pasos para llevar tu voluntad y tu designio en beneficio de Carolina y de iLian. Amen Amen Amen.  :bulletblue:  :pointl: blessed testimony again ! by :iconserahserrin:  :aww:  



mclaranium's Profile Picture
Studied in a public, prestiged and famous (dissapeared) college of Graphic Arts in Mexico City. So much years in the internet browsing, in dA viewing and reviewing critique opinion comments woot!.
Living in danger since 1990 with a MegaBoom SuperBass as heartbeat.

Youtube, FaceB, Formsrping: jamdvx


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mclaranium Featured By Owner Sep 12, 2014

its interesting how the friends of satan can give and share a message based in the Jesus Christ lessons or in the Bible.
(and the result is people with faith in God and Jesus Christ! )
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Happy birthday! :D
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Thank you very much for the :+fav: for 'Guardian Angel',  which is truly appreciated. Sorry my thank you is so late :ashamed: but definitely catching up a little more each day. :excited:
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"And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose. (Romans 8:28)"

with the help of my friends, and thanks to God.
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Just stopped by to say hi. I haven't talked to you in a while and wanted to make sure you were doing okay. You only visited me a couple of times but I did enjoy your company.

Real friends are with you for life and you are lucky in life to make one. I have been fortunate enough to make a couple. Ones I have never met on deviantArt mean the world to me. They bring me up when I am down and I help them when they are not having a good day. We rarely wear pink but we do talk about Chocolate Cake.

I'll stop by again soon,

Dygyt Alice
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*Birthdays are special occasions and they call for special celebrations. Let us celebrate you birthday today!
Another year older, another year wiser. Well at least we are growing up to be what you meant to be. Here's to another year of experience. Blowing out another candle should mean that you have lived another year with joy and you had made this world a better place. Make every day of your life and every candle count. Have a Bday!
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It's August 12th which means it's that time of the year again and your special day is here! We hope you have an awesome day with lots of birthday fun, gifts, happiness and most definitely, lots of cake! Here's to another year!

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Dygyt Alice
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