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I'm not

I'm not Graphic Designer. I'm Graphic Arts Consultor



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The PQT Cult

The PQT Cult, old and mystical secta of adoration, the group still is alive even under the classic sentence
"Hope the music plays forever" ~Pet Shop Boys (all right).
Years and years ainda ha galera que nao deixa o PQT Cult.
Why do they want a lost weekend in Roswell GA?
Rummors just.

religion? then... 

27 deviants said I believe in God and Jesus Christ
19 deviants said I don't religion
12 deviants said I have different religion and I keep it!

24 inmortal

Journal Entry: Tue Nov 18, 2014, 6:01 PM
  • Mood: Longing
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  • Reading: bible +
  • Watching: TV enlace NatGeo
  • Eating: pizza, hot dog, tacos, bread
  • Drinking: fruit artificial juices






I quote to the legendary and so old Wennebago Man, the man who features  advertising for the Winnebago Trucks, he says: "these people is smart, they understand and have interesting opinions and conversations.
I don't understand why they watch stupid videos like these" ~Jack Rebney (the Wennebago Man)

Years ago, the Wennebago campaign advertising is found in YouTube. A group of  video enthuisiasts made an special production about the "behind the scenes" of Winnebago Truck, where the host Jack Rebney (the Winnebago Man) is a rude and strange vulgar man behind the cameras, but in their work and public image advertising the trucks he looks alike a nice and friendly man.

 The video production covers the behind the scenes of "Winnebago Trucks" and the new Jack Rebney, reitired and really hard to convice talk about his life, he was invited to the show to watch the production about himself, so much audience laughing, getting fun and with joy, and after the whow he was surprised, how smart and interesting people watch stupid videos and get fun with some kind of videos. And now today, a lot of people get fun with stupid and silly videos, they name it "entertainment".


.arround the Worldwider

Enshroud II by niteangel

enshroud by niteangel

Montmartre II by mclaranium

montmartre by mclaranium

Prometha2 by kon

prometha by kon

a Coast Guard by Zai91

Coast Guard by Zai91

1401 by Haifona

1401 by Haifona

Almacenes Rivas by Iopichio

Almacenes Rivas by Iopichio

.iF it is




.deviantART membaa


[ non ho niente da insegnarti, ti parlo come se parlassi a me  ho solo fatto un'altra strada ma sono arrivato qui come te  che devi lottare ogni giorno per migliorare te stesso per avere il coraggio  di vederti riflesso...

di guardarti allo specchio a volte ti sembra di sostenere il cielo
e che sotto quel peso non ci sia nessuno  ma guarda fuori  c'e' un mondo bellissimo  e' tutto giusto  e' tutto sbagliato  abbiamo tutti una ragione
ma non siamo mai soli se non lo vogliamo  e siamo piu' uguali di quanto sembriamo  ora dammi la tua mano...

let's play to kill violence be the change and give the world a better chance  

we forget that shit turns into flowers we forget that wood turns into violins
(io sono te) couldn't we just play and forget the sorrow you don't need to beat your fellow man hollow
all i know is life's something you borrow

throw yourself into the flow i will follow
quando aspetti che piova per piangere
i just want you to play

quando hai fatto gia' tutto il possibile
tell me how do you play... (io sono te)
baby say that we can.









 just for share

 Proverbios 16:1







mclaranium's Profile Picture
Studied in a public, prestiged and famous (dissapeared) college of Graphic Arts in Mexico City. So much years in the internet browsing, in dA viewing and reviewing critique opinion comments woot!.
Living in danger since 1990 with a MegaBoom SuperBass as heartbeat.

Youtube, FaceB, Formsrping: jamdvx

To You - my lovely afraid little girl


Quizás bastaba respirar muy lento, recuperar cada latido en mí no tiene sentido ahora que no estás, ¿porque no puedo acostumbrarme aún?, no estas aquí, yo te esperare hasta el fin, en cambio no, hoy no hay tiempo de explicarte ni preguntar si te amé lo suficiente, yo estoy aquí y quiero hablarte ahora. ¿Por qué se rompen en mis dientes las cosas importantes? (esas palabras que nunca escucharás), y las sumerjo en un lamento haciéndolas salir (son todas para ti una por una aquí), ¿las sientes ya?, pesan y se posarán entre nosotros dos, si me faltas tu no las puedo repetir, no las puedo pronunciar. Me llueven los recuerdos de aquellos días que corríamos al viento... quiero soñar que puedo hablarte ahora, también tenía mil cosas que contarte y frente a mí, mil cosas que me arrastran junto a ti.

Lo Más Preciado de Inglaterra


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mclaranium Featured By Owner 6 days ago

Let Gods drive to you and guide you, let your mind be inspired with the Holy Spirit, your mind would be directed pointed to the right direction: the glory.
mclaranium Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2015

Take your place, be strong, asume and be responsable on yours, take your advantage and trust forwoard, God is with you and exite your skills given, in Christ Jesus.

mclaranium Featured By Owner Edited Jun 23, 2015

Dios no te ama tanto como para dejarte ser ordinario.

:iconsparklesplz: :iconcute-in-a-cup::iconsparklesplz:

God would not give to you that feeling iF he does not had the enough prepared already
mclaranium Featured By Owner Edited Jun 23, 2015

You may believe in God, You may believe in Jesus Christ, but
do you believe him? - Keep on believing you are right living the humans world, it keeps on turning, but the heavenly world grows instead.

Masheu Hadash


"um dia achei um ovo e botei na frigideira,
quando alei de novo vi um praga aparecer nunca eu consegui dessa praga me librar
pega no meu pe ja nem posso namorar! "

"ele se acha lindo sexy punky veja so
da um close nele ele é feio que da do!"

Que Dios nos ampare y tenga misericordia.
mclaranium Featured By Owner Edited Apr 29, 2015
God knows what he is doing
N0sc0pe Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
what the-
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